Equipped with a back illuminated sensor, our cameras provide you with exceptional low light performance, to the extent that it produces color images at light as low as 0.08 lux. Besides this, it comes with True WDR to deliver consistent image quality in varying light conditions, especially in outdoor environment and reception areas in offices where frequent opening of doors exposes area to high sunlight. Along with high resolution images, the cameras take care of your storage costs by offering latest H.265 transmission. This reduces your storage by up to 30% and motion based frame rate, saving up to 50% of storage space without compromising quality.

These cameras are designed to provide high definition crystal clear images and at the same time withstand harsh environmental conditions. Made with weather proof technology, BlockBsolutions offers both form factors, namely Bullet Cameras as well as Vandal proof Dome cameras. The camera offers glitch free performance even under extreme operating temperatures as high as 60 degree Celsius. Due to the sturdiness, the cameras can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. Furthermore, the dome variant of the camera is vandal proof, which comes with unbreakable enclosure (IK10), making it impossible for miscreants to damage it.


Most video surveillance systems currently installed in the market are Analog systems. These systems are slowly becoming outdated and being replaced by IP technology, which offers better picture quality and reliability. However, migration from Analog to IP demands infrastructural changes. Under such circumstances, users need a solution that bridges the technological divide between Analog and IP by delivering hybrid recording capability that meets the requirements completely. BlockBsolutions’ Hybrid Video Recorders are a range of well-engineered hybrid video recording solutions for enterprises, which offer the benefits of security enhancements of an IP solution and a highly mature Analog solution.


BlockBsolutions provides Network Video Recorders – NVRs are reliable IP Video Surveillance solution for centralized surveillance management. These recorders help reduce server, bandwidth and storage costs by up to 50%.

Our unique features allow you to monitor multiple devices without a server through a master-slave configuration. This not only eliminates the cost of server, but also reduces the operational difficulties that often hamper management of Video Surveillance system.

Furthermore, it comes with automatic frame rate reduction during no activity period, which saves up to 50% of your storage without compromising on the quality. It further optimizes your storage by giving flexibility of assigning storage based on priority of cameras.

The system is well equipped with latest functionalities for instant notifications, integration and feature-rich Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application that today’s security sensitive organizations require for remote and instant management. This thoroughly engineered NVR is highly efficient in strengthening security and increasing productivity and discipline in any organization.

BlockBsolutions NVRs are used in enterprises that have either a single branch or branches at multiple locations. These devices provide them with three dimensional security that is persistent, proficient and preventive.


flexible and feature-rich centralized monitoring software specifically designed for multi-location enterprises. This CMS Video Surveillance software aggregates different video recording devices such as NVRs and HVRs, deployed across multiple floors, buildings, sites, cities or countries. It offers centralized video monitoring and recording of all cameras connected to any device, anywhere.

Moreover, it allows you to add unlimited recording devices, giving you complete flexibility over your surveillance system. While providing scalability, it also ensures ease of viewing multiple cameras in enterprises. It comes with E-map functionality, through which cameras and sensors placed on the organizational layout can be monitored and notifications can be sent on occurrence of any event. Its features such as Camera Grouping allow grouping of cameras of a particular place/applications for hassle free monitoring, while camera sequencing allows configuring multiple windows for viewing different cameras.

Furthermore, it gives you complete flexibility in terms of configuring all the cameras and devices connected in the system, setting up recording plan, generating audio/video alerts, schedule backup, etc.

  1. In the view of rising terror and crimes, safety and security is of utmost importance for any organization. What enterprises require today is not just generic video surveillance that will be used to investigate the event after it has occurred. In order to safeguard employees and expensive assets from damage, it is extremely critical to choose the right security system. BlockBsolutions provides Video Management System for enterprises and corporate is a smart solution with preventive security that issues real-time alerts, thus enabling you to take timely action and prevent damage rather than investigating at a later stage.Our Video Surveillance Management solution specifically designed to meet diverse and complex needs of large enterprises having multiple sites connected to a central location or a large, single site. Our Video Surveillance Management solution is designed on five pillars:
  • Centralized Management and Control
  • Preventive Safety and Security
  • Storage Optimization
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Integration with Peripheral IP Systems

Our video security surveillance solutions are packed with many intelligent features and video analytics. This helps business owners, managers and security personnel in responding proactively to prevent unwanted incidents, which can lead to loss of productivity or loss of human/physical assets. Furthermore, our solutions can be integrated with other solutions such as POS, ATM, Access Control, Time-Attendance, Fire Alarm and Building Management System to strengthen security.

Every enterprise has unique security requirements that cannot be fulfilled by general video surveillance. BlockBsolutions provide Video Management System for corporate comes with Intelligent Video Analytics like Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Trip Wire, Face Detection, etc. to ensure the real-time preventive security of employees and assets. And it’s not just limited to security. Intelligent features like People Counting system and Parking Management solution boosts productivity and ensures customer retention by enabling you to provide best services at all times.


BlockBsolutions offers comprehensive video surveillance applications for mobile devices. They are designed for smart phones and tablets running on popular operating systems such as Android and iOS.